Barrhaven United Church Pastoral Care – A Caring Ministry in a Caring Church

The Pastoral Care Ministry, under the guidance of our Minister, consists of trained, dedicated Barrhaven United Church lay volunteers who provide support by being present, listening and praying. In support of the Minister and congregation, we comfort the bereaved and sick; support those in times of crisis, transition or joy; and, uplift and strengthen our caring community. Pastoral Care at Barrhaven United is multi-facetted and includes reaching out through pastoral visiting, Prayer Circle, Healing Pathway, and our Prayer Shawl Ministry. Benevolent Care, in turn, provides the congregation with practical and supportive nurturing such as our Casserole Ministry.

If you, a family member of someone from our congregation would welcome a visit, a prayer, phone call listening presence or other spiritual assistance, you are encouraged to inform the church office (613-825-1707; BUC office email), the pastoral care team ( ) or Rev Carla Van Delen, our Minister (BUC Minister's Email)

Prayer Circle

Prayer Circle is a time of mutual support and prayer for what is held, spoken or unspoken, in our own hearts – for others in the world, for our community, our congregation, our loved ones and ourselves. Whether your heart is heavy or light; whether you are comfortable with prayer or not; whether you hold your prayers to yourself or pray out loud – You are welcome! Drop in or make it a habit! Prayer Circle meets informally for an hour in the Barrhaven United Church Sanctuary on Monday afternoons starting at 1330hs from mid-September to the third week in June. (Note: There is no prayer circle on statutory holidays.)

Healing Pathway

Healing Pathway is a transformative healing experience. The foundation of Healing Pathway lies in the long tradition of healing within the Christian faith. The Healing Pathway practitioner serves as a vessel or conduit of God’s grace and healing energy—practitioners are not the source of healing energy; they are merely the instrument. The intention to be fully present with another in God’s unconditional love creates the opportunity for healing. And, the aim of healing is to restore balance and harmony within an individual’s energy system and thus enable self-healing of body, mind and spirit.

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Barrhaven United Church Healing Pathway sessions are held by appointment on Thursday evenings and every second Friday morning. Sessions during the summer are more limited. To book an appointment please contact Cathy Murphy through the church office (BUC office email).